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No Talk, All Action

Here's how Startup Weekends work:

On the first day, participants pitch their startup ideas and receive feedback. Teams are then formed organically around the top ideas. After that it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing and market validation resulting in a minimum viable product (MVP)... Don't know what that is? Not to worry! Our facilitator will be there to help you along the way. Local entrepreneurs and business professionals will also be there to provide invaluable mentorship. This weekend-long event is an incredible opportunity to launch into entrepreneurship, expand your network in Vancouver, and meet like-minded, ambitious people.

Vancouver’s startup scene is growing rapidly, with each year seeing more and more startups launched. The founders of some of Vancouver’s most renowned startups, such as Hootsuite and Clearly Contacts, are investing millions into local startups in hopes of making Vancouver a world-class startup hub. Now is an optimal time to become part of the scene and make your mark.

To find out more about how Startup Weekends work click here!

You won’t want to miss this year’s Startup Weekend. Register today!



Nov 27
  • Registration Starts, and dinner & networking
  • Opening Keynote
  • Icebreaker Activity
  • Atteendees Pitch
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Top ideas announced, teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Teams are formalized and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work until the venue closes at midnight


Nov 28
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
  • Customer validation coaches arrive, introduce themselves, help teams
  • Lunch
  • Business model coaches arrive, introduce themselves, help teams
  • Dinner
  • Finished for the day, venue closes.


Nov 29
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Pitch coaches arrive, introduce themselves, help teams
  • Lunch and tech checks start
  • Dinner
  • Closing Keynote
  • Judging and awards
  • Networking and wrapup (and afterparty!)
Platinum Sponsors

Alexandra T. Greenhill

Founder and CEO of myBestHelper   |   LinkedIn

Alexandra T. Greenhill is the Co-founder/CEO of myBestHelper, a place where families find amazing helpers. myBestHelper won Startup Weekend Vancouver in 2011, third place in the BC New Ventures Competition 2012 and was selected for the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley by the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX). myBestHelper is an Invoke Labs alumni company and recently won the Plug’N’Play 2014 Pitch event in Vancouver. Alexandra is a physician leader, past public school board and chair of the board, and has served on numerous non-for-profit boards, passionate about big ideas that use tech to make people's lives better. She has received numerous awards, including BIV Top 40 under 40, the Queen Elizabeth II Medal of Service and WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.

Kevin Sandhu

Founder and CEO of Grow   |   LinkedIn

Kevin Sandhu is the Founder and CEO of Grow (formerly known as Grouplend), a leading digital finance platform utilizing technology and big data analytics to revolutionize banking. He brings over a decade of finance experience with roles in investment banking, private equity and structured finance with companies including RBC Capital Markets and Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group.

Gold Sponsors

Andrew Reid

Founder & President, Corporate Innovation of Vision Critical   |   LinkedIn

 In 2000, Andrew Reid created Vision Critical to disrupt the traditional market research landscape. By leveraging the power of social, mobile and web technologies, Andrew transformed the industry by developing secure, online communities of thousands of customers for large fortune 500 brands.
Over the last 14 years, Vision Critical has grown from a $1 company to the $100M + business it is today. What began as a start-up in Vancouver’s emerging and quickly growing tech scene, has now turned into an award-winning, cloud-based, customer intelligence company with 16 global offices and over 800 employees.
Andrew attended Vancouver Film School and in 2011 and has completed Stanford University’s Business Executive Program. He has received both the Canada wide 40 Under 40 award and the Business in Vancouver 40 Under 40 award. He currently sits on the Board for the British Columbia Technology Industry Association. 

Arash Fasihi

Founder & CEO Cymax   |   LinkedIn

Arash Fasihi, President & CEO of Cymax, is an internet marketing entrepreneur who understands the eCommerce industry and envisions a clear direction for the future of online shopping. After having studied IT at both Capilano University and UBC, Arash began his sales career in the retail divisions of Future Shop and Best Buy. Building upon his academic history and work experience, in 2001 he launched his own software company aimed at developing and marketing eCommerce solutions for the retail industry. After noticing the online demand for high quality furniture, Arash launched Cymax Stores in 2004. Over the past ten years, Arash has since grown the company to have processed over 2 million orders with total revenues exceeding $500 million.

Kristine Steuart

CEO and Co-Founder of Allocadia   |   LinkedIn

Kristine Steuart is CEO and co-founder of Allocadia, an enterprise cloud software company that helps marketers plan and measure their return on marketing investment. After years of experiencing the pain of managing global marketing spend as a marketing professional in the Vancouver technology community, Kristine and her twin sister Katherine Berry, co-founded Allocadia in 2010.

Inspired with the belief that there had to be a better way, Kristine has led Allocadia from a bootstrapped start up with a handful of customers to a global organization with more than 150 customers, thousands of users worldwide, and billions of dollars in marketing spend managed in their software. Kristine channels her passion for people into building and leading the world-class team of 70 team members at Allocadia. Her experience as a woman executive in technology has inspired her to mentor and support fellow women tech entrepreneurs, and she is a regular speaker at various local and global events.
Kristine was recently named among the Top Forty Under 40 by Business in Vancouver and the Top 10 Women in Tech to Watch in 2015 by inc. magazine. Allocadia has also received recognition as one of the Top 100 Tech Companies in BC by BIV, received the 2014 Technology Innovation Award from Ventana Research, and was awarded the 2015 Gartner Cool Vendor for CRM Marketing Applications.

Sean Clark

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, SHOES.COM   |   LinkedIn

In 2012, Sean Clark founded in his parents’ Dunbar basement. In three short years, Clark propelled the business from a one man start-up to a company, now known as, employing over 600 people and projecting $1 billion in revenue by 2019. Today, is Canada’s leading online footwear retailer and Clark sits as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. Recently named one of BIV’s 40 Under 40, Clark remains instrumental to growing the business and annual revenues to over $300 million a year.

Wisam Abdulla

Co-Founder and COO of Paysavvy   |   LinkedIn

Wisam believes that people are the most important part of any business. He's passionate about empowering employees and revolutionizing the outdated institution of Human Resources to pave the way for a new era of People & Culture. He has spoken on these topics and more at events such as Startup Week, SocialHRCamp, DisruptHR and numerous local meetups and forums. Paysavvy is an alumnus of C100's 48 Hours in the Valley, and Wisam was recently featured in Business in Vancouver, discussing his experience in Silicon Valley and BC's tech resurgence.


Ali Kashani

Founder and CEO of Sepio   |   LinkedIn

Ali is a serial entrepreneur with a background in robotics, Internet of Things, and data science. He's the founder of Sepio, a Vancouver startup with the goal of digitizing all of the world's 3.5 trillion analog photos. Before that, Ali was the brain behind Neurio, a smart home gadget that brought artificial intelligence to home appliances, making them safer and more energy efficient. In 2013, Ali's Kickstarter campaign raised $270,000 from customers in 60 countries, exceeding its funding goal by 3x. Ali graduated from UBC with a Ph.D. in image processing.

Brady Fletcher

Founder & CEO of Coastr   |   LinkedIn

A Computer Engineer by background, Brady has spent the last decade in the investment banking industry primarily focused on technology issuers with Canaccord Genuity, Byron Capital Markets, and Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital. Most recently, Brady was working with Garibaldi Capital Advisors, a Vancouver based boutique M&A advisory firm focused on the technology industry.

Throughout his investment banking career, Brady has advised hundreds of companies on business strategy, capital raising, public and private markets, and exit strategies, having successfully executed over $500m in growth equity financings, secondary transactions, and sell side advisory mandates.

Cale Gibson

Co-Founder and CEO of   |   LinkedIn

Cale Gibson is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a technology development company based out of Vancouver, BC. Having completely bootstrapped the company with his two co-founders, ThinkTank Labs being founded in Q4 of 2015 it already has two of their own products underway. With one patent pending SaaS product entering it's Alpha stages, and, an SMS surveying tool about it launch on it's public Beta, ThinkTank Labs is positioned for a successful 2016.

Charlene Tessier

Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdGift Canada   |   LinkedIn

Charlene co-founded CrowdGift Canada in 2014 and is excited to be a part of the crowdfunding movement which is fundamentally changing the way entrepreneurs do business. With a passion for Fintech and Women in Entrepreneurship, Charlene keeps very busy with running events on her Vancouver Financial Innovation Community meet-up.

Participating in numerous Startup Weekends and becoming the Lead Organizer for Startup Weekend Vancouver 2014, caused Charlene to change her life from a corporate public worker into an entrepreneur. With 20+years work experience, and a strong background in finance, Charlene thrives on helping small businesses with their every day challenges.

Chris Wilson

CEO & President at Function Point Productivity Software Inc   |   LinkedIn

As the company’s leader, Chris and his team are creating the world’s leading digital tools for managing the day to day hassle of running a professional service firm. Chris’ focus is on creating a place, a team and a culture where the best creators, communicators and collaborators can grow prosper and make a difference.

Colin Brown

CEO and Co-Founder of Direct2Artist

Colin Brown, the CEO of Direct2artist, is a serial entrepreneur with experience in both software and biotech. Over the last 7 years he has founded or been an early stage employee of 5 different innovative companies. A business operator with digital marketing skills, Colin’s passion is building products and teams.

Collin Vine

Co-Founder and CPO of Zirtual   |   LinkedIn

Collin co-founded Zirtual, an online personal assistant company, in 2011. The team grew the company to 500 employees and a $12M runway. He's also an advisor to Taski and Sidekicks.

In 2010, Collin went through the madness of a Startup Weekend event, coming in the 3rd place. He ran that company for 8-months before shutting it down to work on Zirtual.

Danny Robinson

Co-Founder and CEO of Perch   |   LinkedIn

"Danny has a passion for making the world a better place by bringing new innovations to market. He has a strong technical background and over 16 years experience conceiving, designing and building products that integrate both on- and offline worlds.

Most recently, Danny co-founded Perch with a mission to bring distributed teams and families closer together via always-available, natural face-to-face video communications software.

In 1998, Danny co-founded and launched Spinway, a private-label ISP service with customers that included Costco, Barnes & Noble, Kmart, Home Depot and Capital One. As CEO, Danny was in charge of vision and overall strategy at Spinway. In addition, Spinway grew from 8M users in just 11 months, making it the fastest growing ISP in history. "

Erik Ashdown

Founder and CEO at Indiloop Media Inc.   |   LinkedIn

Erik Ashdown is an enthusiastic, loud spoken, opinionated individual who also happens to be a pretty exceptional entrepreneur. Erik has a longstanding background in marketing strategy, business development, and has worked across a wide array of industries from clothing to hospitality. His most recent venture was Indiloop, a cloud based music editor for beginners. He currently advises on various projects, including U-GO Smoothies.

Gregg Peacock

Director of Analytics at Aritzia   |   LinkedIn

Gregg first attended Startup Weekend in 2011 and has been active in the Vancouver start-up community ever since. Gregg works as the Director of Analytics at Aritzia and spends his free time trading bitcoin, cycling and travelling.

Jacqueline Jennings

Program Director at The Next Big Thing   |   LinkedIn

Jacqueline Jennings, Program Director at The Next Big Thing (TNBT), has cut her teeth working with some of the most innovative and high growth companies in the worlds of apparel and tech including Aritzia, Lululemon, Microsoft and Indochino.

Passionate about mentorship and executive coaching around go-to-market & growth strategies, Jacqueline is also Co-founder of Bowen Intimates.

Jacqueline leads TNBT's Fellowship programming, as well as provides support to the portfolio of Alumni companies.

Jerome Ng

Founder and CEO of VenueSpot   |   LinkedIn

Jerome is actively involved in a variety of things at this point of his career. Currently, he is the CEO of , Alumni at 500Startups, and a Mentor at Launch_Academy. He describes himself as Technology, Platforms, and Events Enthusiast.

Jerome attended Startup Weekend UBC 2013 looking for a technical co-founder for his startup.

Since then, Jerome went on to found VenueSpot, an online marketplace that connects event organizers with available venues. VenueSpot works with over 5,000+ event spaces across 9 cities and has helped thousands of event organizers find venues. As CEO of VenueSpot, Jerome led a ten-person team and fundraised ~1/2 million of venture capital.

Jerome also mentors early-stage entrepreneurs at Launch Academy - Vancouver’s leading startup hub, and is an alumni of 500 Startups - a top-tier global startup accelerator. He’s passionate about technology, platforms and the event’s industry.

Kamil Szybalski

VP Growth of Shelfie   |   LinkedIn

Kamil is a passionate and driven technology entrepreneur specializing in product, marketing and growth. Over the last 6 years he has successfully helped companies, including two of his own, moving from concept to scale. He brings real passion, genuine creativity and a consistent approach. Kamil is currently VP Growth at Shelfie and has previously worked on Growth at Hootsuite Labs for Hootsuite Media Inc.

Kellan Higgins

Founder at 8Bit Goose Games Inc.   |   LinkedIn

Kellan Higgins is the founder of a local indie game company, 8Bit Goose Games Inc.. Formerly serving as the Operations Manager of SilkStart Technologies (a local Vancouver startup), he led the operations of the company for two and a half years. Turning from the business side to programming, Kellan taught himself to program and started 8Bit Goose Games to develop an online zombie game.

Kellan’s interests are user experience and user interface, rapid prototyping, user testing, and customer validation. Kellan has brought the lessons taught in the startup scene to the indie game development scene in Vancouver.

Michael Tippett

CEO and Founder of Wantoo   |   LinkedIn

Michael Tippett is a two-time Emmy nominee and has been a successful entrepreneur for almost two decades. He founded and managed several early stage technology companies in New York and Vancouver.

In 2005, he founded and later sold Nowpublic. NowPublic was named one of the top five most useful news sites on the web by The Guardian and Time magazine named it one of the Top 50 Websites for 2007. Tippett ran GrowLab in 2011. For 2 years, he lead Hootsuite Labs and was a Director of New Products at Hootsuite. He is currently the CEO and founder of Wantoo.

Tippett is a member of the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism Advisory Board, Capilano University, Bachelor of Professional Communication Advisory Committee and was a board member of CABINET, a Vancouver-based arts organization. He is the co-creator of Grafik Dynamo, a work that was commissioned with funding from the Warhol Foundation.

Mona Elesseily

VP Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media   |   LinkedIn

Mona is the VP of Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media where she focuses on paid search strategy, conversion optimization and integrated online marketing strategies including mobile advertising, video advertising, remarketing strategies, etc. In her career, she has significantly improved campaign performance for brands such as Capital One, Cathay Pacific, SuccessFactors and The Jimmy Pattison Group to name a few.

She is a frequent speaker at US, Canadian and international digital marketing events such as Search Engine Strategies (SES), Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Ad:Tech,, PubCon, IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), Bing Ads Connect, and many other conferences.

Mona has written 2 books on Yahoo! and frequently writes for industry publications. She is a columnist for Search Engine Land and also writes for other publications such as the Huffington Post, IMedia Connection, Marketing Land and the AMA (American Marketing Association). The business community, including Wall Street analysts and the large search engines, regularly seek her industry knowledge and she's frequently quoted in respected publications.

Mona is currently on advisory board for Acquisio Inc..

Natalie Cartwright

Co-Founder and COO of Payso   |   LinkedIn

Payso allows you to send and request money from friends or groups simply by adding their phone number, email address, or sharing via social media. It allows for both simple and social payments. Prior to founding Payso, Natalie served in a variety of consulting and research roles, specifically in her background of psychology and pathology. She is a graduate of McGill University, has completed a Masters of Public Health, and recently completed an International MBA in Madrid.

She launched Payso in November 2014, and has built and grown it to become the Venmo of Canada. Payso joined Highline in early 2015, and the business is now based in both Vancouver and Toronto. Natalie and her team were selected to pitch on Dragon’s Den, were named a DigiBC finalist, and have been highly acclaimed as the future of social payments.

Nicolas Miller

Co-Founder and CEO at Edvisor   |   LinkedIn

Nicolas is Co-Founder and CEO of Edvisor. Edvisor is the first end-to-end booking platform for the education abroad industry. Edvisor distributes school offerings globally to the education agencies that sell their courses, and centralizes the enrolments from agents to schools.

Edvisor is a Techstars NYC 2014 graduate and the winner of the 2015 BCIC New Ventures BC startup competition. In their first year, Edvisor raised $1.5M and brought on 700 customers across 40 countries.

Previously, Nicolas co-founded Miovision Technologies, a traffic systems technology company based out of Waterloo, Ontario.

Today Miovision has 100 staff and has been named as one of Canada’s fastest growing technology companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ awards for the last two years in a row. In 2013, Miovision was ranked the #2 fastest growing company in Canada. In 2015, they raised a $30M Series B.

Nicolas has a MSc in Biochemistry, loves languages, traveling, and everything related to startups.

Nikki Layton

Director of Customer Success Kashoo Simple Cloud Accounting, Co-owner Momentum Fitness, Fitness Industry Consultant   |   LinkedIn

"I am a highly motivated entrepreneur that has started 2 companies. Momentum Fitness, a personal training studio, just celebrated its 15th anniversary and the other, myVolo an online scheduling, billing and business management tool for the fitness industry, has been acquired. The success that I have had professionally is a result of my ability to learn new things quickly and to execute on a plan efficiently. With 2 bootstrapped businesses under my belt I have learned how to work on almost all aspects of a business. In my role at myVolo I was able to drive new affiliate relationships, going to Australia to train the new team and learn the necessary areas of their business so that we could integrate our 2 systems. Additionally I was responsible for merging 2 different support teams and managing 4 different products with 1 support team. We achieved a high service level with consistent high reviews from our clients despite our limited team of 4.

In my current role at Kashoo as Director of Customer Success, I am responsible for converting clients from Free trial to Paid clients as well as reducing churn and increasing our net promoter score. We do this through a variety of automated pro-active engagement tools as well as great support in app, via email or even the phone!"

Peter Hudson

Co-Founder & CEO of Shelfie   |   LinkedIn

Peter Hudson studied engineering physics and co-founded his first company, Aquatic Informatics (AI) during his last semester at UBC. After growing AI to over 100 employees he co-founded Shelfie after getting the idea during an argument with a friend at a bar.

Robert Russell

Account Strategist at Predictable Revenue   |   LinkedIn

Rob is an Account Strategist at Predictable Revenue specializing in helping companies grow and scale their outbound sales teams. He is very excited to be a part of the Vancouver startup community and to be involved in Startup Weekend for the first time. Currently he runs Predictable Revenue’s “Nail your Niche” program that helps companies define their ideal customer profile and create an action plan to succeed within that industry.

Sean Tyson

Co-Founder and CSO of Quietly   |   LinkedIn

Sean is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Quietly Media. Prior to joining Quietly, Sean was the Director of Strategy & Business Development at Invoke Media where he led marketing initiatives for an array of high-profile brands and created strategic partnerships with some of the world's largest media companies. Formerly of TAXI (WPP).

Christopher M. Lennon

SPONSOR / Legal Counsel to Tech Players and Innovators

Chris is a technology and corporate lawyer advising emerging and growth oriented companies. His advice often includes aspects of intellectual property, corporate finance and technology and his clients include software and other ICT startups, technology incubators, biotech companies and research organizations.

Bronze Sponsors
Trina Wang
Rob Foxall
Stanley Yuen
Won Jun Kong
Sarah Park
Tim Burke
Sasha Dordzijev
Brandon Yen
Lingxi Li
Sapnil Mohanty
Samarth Shyamanur
Gerrit Gerritsen

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